Interview Questions


  • What start-up costs are associated with joining your company?
  • Are there recurring monthly fees?
  • Do you have formal training?
  • What is your training program comprised of?
  • Can I see some course material
  • What is the charge for training?
  • Is the a mentoring program?
  • Will I be in competition with my manager?
  • Do you provide software?
  • Is it free?
  • Do you provide agent websites?
  • Are they free?
  • Do you provide online marketing tools?
  • Does the company provide email?
  • Is it free?
  • Are signs provided?
  • Is advertising provided?
  • Does every desk have hi-speed internet access?
  • Are computers readily available?
  • How large is the administrative staff that services agents?
  • Do agents pay for leads?
  • Is there a referral program?
  • Is there a full time relocation coordinator?
  • Is there a publicist?
  • Is there career growth potential?

Areas We Cover